Installation & Maintenance

Installation & Maintenance
February 18, 2016 admin

Terazzo Certified Installers

Terazzo – maintaining the Quality right from installation.

Terazzo has given a new dimension in the history of laminated wooden flooring. A proper installation is critical to creating the look you want, and in helping to make sure it stays that way for to come.

We have created the Terazzo certified Installer program to give the customers a flawless installation to bring back the ethnic and artistic look. Terazzo Certified Installers are given three- month training programme on installation. Terazzo Experienced Certified Installers are specially trained and certified to expertly install any Terazzo flooring product. Terazzo Tested Certified Installers must pass a rigorous hands-on and written exam to become certified. Terazzo Informed Certified Installers receive ongoing product information and support from Terazzo.

Terazzo Supported Certified Installers have access to the Terazzo Installation Training Network, providing them with additional expertise right in your neighborhood. Terazzo Trusted Certified Installers staned behind their work, and Terazzo stands behind them.


Terazzo maintains a strict dress code for the Terazzo certified installers. Terazzo Installer badge will be issued after the completion of the training programme and a certificate will be issued by the company.

We strongly recommend all the customers to look for the Terazzo Installer Badge. Terazzo with its newly improved and tested circular arc locking system gives a whole new dimension to the laminated wooden flooring.

Maintenance of Terazzo Laminated Wooden Flooring

Terazzo is as close to “maintenance-free” as a floor can get. The high pressure laminate surface makes it virtually impossible for dirt or grime to get a foothold. Routine cleaning is as easy as a quick once-over with the vacuum, or normal soap-free household cleaner or a terry cloth mop.


Important! Never wax, sand or apply lacquer to Terazzo.

General cleaning

Normal wet mop or with one ounce of soap-free household cleaner in one gallon of water and then dry mop.

Spot cleaning

Use non-soap based household cleaner with a wet soft cloth.


Warm water and mild detergent. DO not allow the water to be on the floor with detergent base for a longer time.

Crayon, cigarette ash

A damped clean rag with mineral spirits, denatured alcohol or acetone (nail polish or paint remover).

Candle wax & chewing gum

Allow it to harden and then use a blunt blade to scrap them out.