Test Report

Test Report
February 18, 2016 admin

Test Report 8 MM With Acoustic

FeatureParametersTerazzo Standard
Base board:HDF (density 850-950kg/mo)870lo
Locking System2 Lock SystemArc click lock
Edges:smooth treated edges
General Requirements
Abrasion resistance:EN13329AC4
Thickness Swelling :EN13329§ 17.1%
Resistance to Cigarette burns;EN438no black mark,crack and bilster
Resistance to staining :EN438Grade 5
Pollution and corrosion resistance :No
Impact resistanceEN13329IC2
Surface soundaness :EN13329§ 1.60N /mmz
Moisture content :EN322é t 2.30%
Dry heating resistance :No crack and blister
Steam resistance :No color change and crack
Light fastness EN133292 Level 6
Dimension :1215 * 195 * 8mm
Use and safety
Flame resistanceEN13501-1Cfl-s1
Release of Formaldehyde :EN717-2E1:1.4 (mg/I)
Slip resistance : Friction co-efficient EN133920.30 Class DS
Logistics information
Planks / box8 Pieces
Sq meter / box1.8954 sq meter
Weight / Sq meters7.3 Kg
Warranty20 Years

Test Report 12 MM

Test ItemsUnitParametersNorm RequirementsTerazzo Standard
Bending StrengthMPaXA≥10 1.0; Xmin≥ 0.844.65
Inner Integration StrengthMPaXA≥10 1.0; Xmin2.54
Moisture%3.0 ~ 10.05
DensityG / Cm≥ 0.80.95
Thickness Swelling%After 24h Immersion 200CXA ≤ 2.5; Xmin ≤ 3.00.7
Exterior Agglutinated StrengthMPaXA ≥ 1.0; Xmin ≥ 0.81.6
Scratch ResistanceNNo Whole nick ≥ 3.5N≥ 3.5N No Whole nick
Wear ResistanceRHouse use : ≥ 60006800 (AC4)
Stain Resistance Performance-No remainsNo remains
Surface Vapour Resistant Performance-After 1h on the beakerNo protuberance fading or chapNo protuberance fading or chap
Emission of FormaldehydeMg / LDesiccator testE1 ≤ 1.5mg/L0.7 mg/L